Bringing the food we love to the people and neighborhood that we love.  

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I grew up on a small farm in Northern Alberta. We had dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses, turkeys, occasionally a rescued wild duck and one year, a friendly hog. These farm animals were my friends, my buddies, who I looked after and tried to keep safe from the fall slaughter without much success. I have always had a great love for all living creatures and appreciate the place each one has in our world. Chickens to give us eggs and meat. Cows to give us delicious cheese, milk and steak. Cats to keep the rodents under control and dogs to be companions and show us what unconditional love is.

I believe my passion for cooking began in junior high when a new teacher arrived from Quebec to our small town farm kid school. In addition to the "Social Graces" class she offered, she also introduced us farm kids to Gourmet Cooking. The end result of the class was to prepare a 7 course meal for an invited guest. My world was cracked open at that moment.



I contribute my perogie obsession to my Ukranian/Polish step family. Comfort food that brings up fond memories of sitting on the front step with a plate of perogies with my brother, aunt and uncle who were around the same age as myself. As the years went on I would make perogies for friends and family and try to come up with new and innovative fillings. Cooking is my art. Feeding those I love makes me happy.

And here we are today, a dream I have had for several years - my own little cafe where I can make people happy with great food.




The name Two Brown Dogs comes from my own two brown dogs - Bo and Angus. My partners in the kitchen when I'm testing out recipes, making dinner for my family or just making a little something for myself.